6 Reasons People Still Buy Christmas Cards

In the age of the internet and technology, it’s a wonder why people still buy and give out Christmas cards instead of – you know – just e-mailing them or sending them to someone over a Facebook message. However, according to the Greeting Card Association’s recent industry survey, greeting cards earn between $7 and $8 billion in annual retail sales with 6.5 billion units sold, and of that, Christmas Cards make up 1.6 billion of those units. They are convinced that young folks will continue buying them, even with services like e-mail and messaging being present.

Women purchase an estimated 80% of greeting cards (which is not a surprise, considering my husband never purchases them and doesn’t see the point in buying them. His words: “You spent $4 on that card? Why?”)

What my husband doesn’t seem to understand, though, is that there are perfectly legitimate reasons to purchase greeting cards. With Christmas coming up, I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for me to have a reason to go and buy some.

So why do people still buy Christmas Cards?

# 1 – The Way They Smell, Feel, and Taste

Smell and touch is a very strong sense for human beings. One scent strongly associated with the Christmas season is the smell of greeting cards. Parents of the millennial generation would buy a stack of standard Christmas cards, rush around getting presents, and then would sit down at the kitchen table over the next few nights maniacally talking about our aging aunts and uncles while intermittently licking lovely tasting glue on envelopes. Did you know licking the nasty glue on envelopes is still a thing? You’d think we’d go back to wax, like in the olden days. Seal Wax also looks so much better on greeting card envelopes!

It was a form of insanity then, and it’s still a form of insanity now. But the smell and feel of those greeting cards still sticks in our minds, and reminds us Millennials of family. Most of all, though, that smell and touch reminds us of the Millennial’s ever-climbing reach into adulthood – a status that most of us feel we will never reach. If we lick enough envelopes, we might just get there eventually.

# 2 – If you buy the Premium cards: Endless Entertainment

If you’ve ever looked at very expensive greeting cards, you’ll notice they all have some kind of music or movement mechanism. If you are easily entertained, like me, then you are delighted to receive these kinds of cards. The people who buy them see the delight, and so they continue buying them. It’s like an endless Pavlov experiment.

Take, for instance, this greeting card my team at work bought me for my birthday: It’s amazing. I love cats, and this birthday greeting card cat actually paws at a cardboard ball to the tune of Eye of the Tiger. I keep it in my purse for when I want continuous entertainment. Plus, it makes me happy.

Unfortunately, it seems like this card is no longer sold by Hallmark (I looked for it everywhere online.) However, I did find a card made by Hallmark that is similar and with a cat Christmas theme! Except much more annoying. It sings the “Oh Christmas Tree” song in screeching cat voice. However, it’s PERFECT for those whom you wish to mildly annoy this Christmas season, OR those who would use this card to annoy others around them. Which is always hilarious. Take a look at this entertaining card on Amazon!

People who buy greeting cards know that there are people out there who are like me, and so it’s one of the better gifts to give.

# 3 – You Can Mail Them

Many older relatives don’t have e-mail or use Facebook. They expect Christmas cards, so it would be nice to liven up their season with a nice, traditional Christmas card. Plus, if they live far away or are extra ornery, and it would just be awkward having them at the Holiday gathering, sending them a Christmas card is a nice consolation (that is, if your conscience can handle not inviting them to be physically present. Look, I’m not here to pass judgement! Sometimes Aunt Polly causes so much fuss, you feel worse about her if she’s physically present. It’s okay to continue maintaining your distance and idealized version of your Aunt Polly! Boundaries are important.)

Just follow the link to find the PERFECT Christmas Card for all of your Aunt Pollys!

# 4 – You Can Use an Actual Pen

Remember the days in school when we would use pen and pencil to write things instead of using a computer? It’s purely nostalgic! Using a pen to write a personalized message in a greeting card also helps us to remember our childhood.

# 5 – You Can Buy Them for Work Colleagues

One of the most popular places that greeting cards circulate is at work. Businesses at the corporate level try to improve morale by sending out greeting cards to their employees. It’s a fairly low-cost investment, improves morale, and is good for the business! Also good for the greeting card business, too. I’m sure they appreciate those bulk order purchases. For super cheap Holiday postcards for your business, take a look here! They are currently listing at 26 cents/card! Amazing value!

# 6 – They (often) Make People Smile

When people receive a greeting card, they often smile. If they have the opportunity, people who buy greeting cards just love watching others open them and then watching “that smile.” You know the smile I’m talking about. No? Then you obviously don’t buy greeting cards. You’re missing out, pal.

Now, if they don’t smile – meh, I don’t know what to tell you. Either you chose a really lame card, they expected money to be in it because they are greedy little money snatchers, or they just really don’t like how they smell. In that case, just give them a whole box of greeting cards so they can start seeing how everyone else smiles when they receive one. Maybe they’ll pick up on that proper social etiquette in time.

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