Avoid These 6 Social Faux Pas

Believe it or not, there are certain social faux pas that I’ve learned to avoid over the years – or at least greatly reduce. If you care about things like that – you know, making sure people don’t slowly inch away from you when you’re talking to them if you’re a little awkward like me – then you’ll hopefully get some kind of benefit from this article.

You Are Not A Failure

First, I want to say that if you’ve ever thought of yourself as a failure in life, you are not alone. I think this is a thought that crosses many minds at one point or another. We do not succeed by waking up one day, graced with success at achieving a skill or becoming wealthy or blessed.

How Purpose Gives Us Strength

This quote really got me thinking about purpose and how I feel about it. In a post called “Purpose heals all wounds” by LS Harteveld, she says, 12 Years of giving it [my love life] my focus actually did turn me into the person I wanted to be: Someone who can have challenging and emotionally exciting…

How Stress Stole Christmas

Everyone around me the past couple days has had this odd mixture of Christmas elation and anxiety induced stress which makes for an interesting combination. All you happen to see are a bunch of women clapping “Go, go, go, soldier! We must get through this department store now!” and men following behind them, shaking their heads, wondering what the big deal is.

10 Ways to Get to Know Who You Are

Many of us go through life not knowing who we are as a person. We make up things to go along with others, copy their styles, act like other people, and generally remain untrue to ourselves because we ultimately don’t know who we are.

How to Convince Someone they are a Victim of a Romance Scam

If you’ve ever met anyone affected by a romance scam, you’ll know that it’s super hard to convince them that they are being targeted by a scammer. I once met a lady who was being affected by this, and I knew immediately that it was a scam. I was able to convince her it was…

How to Intuitively Interpret Dreams

When I was in middle school, other children would write notes to me so I could interpret their dreams. Interpreting dreams has always been a natural thing for me. Dreams are made up of symbols that mean something to us in an intuitive and primal way. The human mind bases these dream images off of…

How to Fully Live in the Past, Present, and Future

Affiliate Links Below. I often find myself wondering about the past, missing the present, and alternating between dreading the future and being excited for it. I suppose that’s part of being human. However, it can become unhealthy if we spend any excess amount of time in one of those three time zones – past, present,…