How Purpose Gives Us Strength

This quote really got me thinking about purpose and how I feel about it. In a post called “Purpose heals all wounds” by LS Harteveld, she says,

12 Years of giving it [my love life] my focus actually did turn me into the person I wanted to be: Someone who can have challenging and emotionally exciting relationships.
But now I ve shifted and I m on my path of becoming the first Dutch 7-figure rock star writer.
And strangely enough, despite the loneliness and my realization that I don’t have energy to map out all the opportunities and flaws in my social life – this purpose work gives me an even better sense of belonging.
Not belonging with other people.
But knowing I belong in this Universe.

Harteveld, LS. “Purpose Heals All Wounds.” Daily LS Harteveld, 25 Dec. 2018,

This caused me to wonder – how does a sense of purpose affect other people? Does everyone feel a sense of purpose? Is it within anyone’s reach?

I believe purpose is inherent to the survival of humanity. Without purpose, we wouldn’t have learned how to make fire, cook, or create any kind of sustainable civilization. Without purpose, we are just merely floating along.

There are people who feel that way, however – those who feel no sense of purpose. I believe it happens.

The following points outline my general perspective about purpose, who can feel it, and how it affects people.

Anyone Can Have Purpose

I believe that anyone can have purpose. It is within everyone’s reach. Some people may feel their purpose is to support charities, do missionary work, create knitted sweaters to keep other people warm, influence others to better themselves, lead on an important social issue, or any other purpose that falls within the range of advancing humanity and the welfare of people around them.

However, I also believe people can also have self-destructive or nefarious purpose. Tyrants have a purpose to control their population. Someone may have purpose to ‘just follow orders’, and they end up destroying innocent people in the process. Just as purpose can contribute to the survival of humanity, I believe it can also contribute to its destruction.

It Takes Intentional Effort to Have Purpose

I do believe it takes intentional effort to have purpose. Some of us lead most of our lives wasting our time away on frivolous entertainment sources which lend no benefit to our knowledge, sense of belonging, or to our opinions. Sometimes, our entertainment sources such as books or anything with a theme or lesson in it can influence us a certain way, which may affect an overall purpose we may have.

To me, purpose is a prerequisite to the concept of ‘vision.’ Vision is what you would like to see for your life and those people around you. It’s what gets you up in the morning, your thoughts revolving around it or how to achieve whatever it is you are envisioning. Purpose is the driving force behind vision. They are those things that motivate you to achieve your vision. My purpose, for example, is to help other people around me with their challenges or problems, and help them grow. My vision is what I see this blog turning into – one that helps other people, gives exposure to other people, and ultimately is successful in one thing: achieving my purpose.

Not Everyone Feels a Sense of Purpose

Just because people have the ability to feel a sense of purpose, it doesn’t mean everyone actually feels a sense of purpose. I’ve met plenty of people that feel lost, who don’t know their purpose in life is, and who are constantly chasing after the ‘next best thing.’ Strangely enough, wanting to find a sense of purpose can actually be a purpose in itself. Just because someone is lost and searching doesn’t mean they don’t have purpose. It means their purpose is, at this point in their life, to be a seeker.

However, there really are people who don’t have a sense of purpose. Some people go through life checking off boxes without knowing why they’re checking them. Purpose is ‘why’, and some people don’t know the why. It’s why the question, “Why do I exist?” is so popular.

It doesn’t mean there’s anything inherently wrong with people who don’t have purpose. It just means they haven’t found it yet. Sometimes mental health can also affect purpose – and that’s not the individual’s fault. Once treated, it’s usually easier for people to find their purpose.

Purpose Does Not Heal All Wounds – But it Does Give Us Strength to Face Them

I believe that purpose can give us strength to face those things in the past that have wounded us. Purpose is not a revision of the past, but it’s a look toward the future. My purpose to help people gives me strength in facing my own wounds from the past. Unfortunately, it doesn’t completely heal them. They will always be there. But purpose allows me to see the future that I can have in a much more positive light – a better world, where there are less wounds caused to others.

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  1. Thank you for writing your view on this topic!
    This was absolutely a big takeaway for me:
    “I do believe it takes intentional effort to have purpose.”
    I ll be following your blog, and I m certain we’ll be inspiring each other back and forth, many times to come.

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