How to Convince Someone they are a Victim of a Romance Scam

If you’ve ever met anyone affected by a romance scam, you’ll know that it’s super hard to convince them that they are being targeted by a scammer.

I once met a lady who was being affected by this, and I knew immediately that it was a scam. I was able to convince her it was a scam, and I left feeling happy that another person wasn’t going to get taken advantage of.

So here are the top ways you can convince someone that they are part of a romance scam.

# 1 – Ask them lots of ‘Why’ questions

Why can’t they not talk on the phone? Why do they need your personal details? Why are they rushing you to give them your personal details? Why can they not come visit you?

It’s amazing how much reflection people can do when proposed with those questions. They are able to voice their own doubts out loud.

# 2 – Point out inconsistencies

If there are inconsistencies, point them out. They said they’d visit you on this day, yet they are ducking out again for the 30th time. They talk to you on the phone, but they string you along and they never fulfill any of their commitment promises. Or, they refuse to talk to you over the phone and instead will only communicate through text.

# 3 – If all else fails, tell them why they deserve better

They don’t deserve to be strung along. They deserve to be happy. They deserve to have someone that actually loves them and cares for them, and is able to see them face to face and build a strong relationship with them. They deserve to wake up next to them and cook together, or go shopping together. These are all things that they should be able to do if they were in a healthy relationship with someone.

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