How to Intuitively Interpret Dreams

When I was in middle school, other children would write notes to me so I could interpret their dreams. Interpreting dreams has always been a natural thing for me. Dreams are made up of symbols that mean something to us in an intuitive and primal way. The human mind bases these dream images off of symbols and archetypes in order to make sense of our memories, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

When people have dreams, they most often consult dream dictionaries which contain meanings for the most common dream symbols.

There is a way, though, to learn how to interpret dreams yourself without consulting those dictionaries. It’s a nice skill to have for yourself, and it can be a nice topic of conversation with others when they are perplexed by their own dreams.

Here is how to intuitively interpret dreams.

Connect to your own primal feelings about different symbols

Every image has a meaning to us. We may not know immediately what that is, but if we spend time reflecting on it, we can easily find out. Imagine you are stuck in a jungle with no flashlight and no fire. There are animals out there. Sounds that both fascinate and terrify you. If you saw an object, an animal, or an insect in that jungle, what would that mean to you? How would you feel? Would you feel terrified? Hopeful? Blessed? Cursed?

For example, if you saw a nest of spiders, you may be terrified – unless you’re far enough away that you are able to marvel at their webs. If you saw a banana, you would see it as food, which in modern terms may equal abundance, sustenance, and wealth. If you saw smoke, you may think of danger or confusion as you wonder where it comes from.

If you wonder whether your feelings are on point with the common interpretations, it may be useful to consult a dictionary. Over time, however, you will become better at interpreting their meanings.

Associate those Feelings and Meanings to Objects and People in your Dreams

Those feelings that come from dream symbols have meaning when associated with other objects or people in your dreams.

For example, imagine you are back in the jungle, but now you are in a dream. You see your significant other eating a banana. If he is doing it and smiling, it could mean abundance, fertility, wealth, or a healthy family and your involvement with them is bringing that into your life. If he is eating the banana and scowling, it could mean that you feel your significant other is taking away or wasting wealth or abundance, or ruining the financial, physical, or emotional health of the family.

Do you see how this works yet?

Interpreting dreams is all about being in touch with our primal emotions and being able to associate those primal emotions with objects or people we interact with on a daily basis.

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