How to Stop a Nail Biting Habit

The truth is, if you’re trying to stop a nail biting habit, you probably don’t look like the girl in the featured photo.

A nail biting habit can increase anxiety, insecurity, and not to mention make your nails look not the way you want them to.

If you want to stop biting your nails, follow these tips below!

# 1 – Ask Others to Point Out When You Do it

If you bite your nails, chances are you are completely unaware of it because it might be an unconscious habit. If that’s the case, reach out to those closest to you or to coworkers that you trust if you bite your nails at work, and ask them to point out when you are biting your nails. Over time, you should begin to recognize it yourself.

# 2 – Replace One Habit with a Better One

One of the best ways to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a better one.

Case in point – if you are feeling anxious and find yourself biting your nails, replace that habit with deep breathing immediately. You’ll notice that this new habit makes you feel more balanced and calm. It may take a significant amount of time, but don’t give up – it can take up to a couple of months to form a new habit.

Another habit you could replace it with is drawing an imaginary power symbol using the fingers of another hand on the back of the hand you were biting your nails on. You could choose a heart, a religious symbol, or any symbol that you feel empowers you and makes you feel in control.

I don’t recommend using the rubber band technique to stop biting your nails. The reason is, the mind responds much more favorably to a new habit if it is rewarding and not painful. The rubber band technique only serves to make you feel ashamed and like you are in trouble, which will probably end up being ineffective in the long run.

# 3 – Reward Yourself When You Don’t Bite Your Nails

Any time throughout the day, reward yourself when you are not biting your nails. Recognize those times in the day when you are not biting your nails, and give yourself some type of treat. It doesn’t have to be food, but if you respond best with your taste buds, pop a mint that you really like or, if you don’t mind the calories, a tiny piece of chocolate. For non-food items, you could put stickers in a journal or put your favorite lotion on your hands.

# 4 – Use a product

If you are desperate and none of the above tips work for you, you could always try using a product designed to reduce the nail biting habit.

One of these products are nail biting guards.

These gel finger gloves are allergy free (no latex) and they cover your fingers like a glove. Or, whatever other item you can think of … but that would be inappropriate to mention. You could choose to wear them only at home, or if you are bold or desperate enough, you could wear them out and about.

The next product is Mavala Stop Nail Biting Deterrent. This product has a bitter taste and is dentist approved. While it would not be my own personal favorite to try this method, it has been shown to be effective.

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